Haunted Places, Haunted Spaces

Haunted motel:

  • Sobbing phantom woman in the hallway
  • One of the toilets keeps filling with blood
  • A man keeps looking in the windows no matter what floor

Haunted church:

  • Crying from the baptismal font
  • One more altar boy than there should be
  • Bell tower rings twice every night at 2:24 am

Haunted diner:

  • Booth no one sits at, not anymore
  • Fresh eggs go rotten and explode
  • Waitress who took your order had the wrong uniform

Haunted circus:

  • The tight rope is always swaying
  • The animals won’t go near one corner of the tent
  • Not all the clowns who went in come back out of the little car

Haunted new house:

  • Violent pounding in the basement
  • Workman’s shoes walk up and down the hall
  • Pipes in the yard bursting

Haunted school:

  • Desks rearrange each night in one class
  • Voices in empty locker room
  • We just don’t use, touch, or acknowledge the break room coffeemaker

Haunted university:

  • Woman at the end of long hallway that flickers under the poor lighting
  • Every first term exams the same student falls from the fourth floor
  • Someone with you in the lab

Haunted brothel:

  • Cold hands down clients backs
  • Not always the right face in the mirror
  • Tugged hair and whispers to warn

Haunted backlot:

  • Always damp, rain or shine
  • The garbage sacks move
  • No kid will play there but can’t explain why

Haunted old house:

  • Painted over door that isn’t mentioned by the realtor
  • Man stands over bed while you sleep
  • Someone walks in and out of room without opening the door

Haunted desk:

  • The drawer jams like something is pulling it back
  • Can’t keep pens in it, ink instantly dries up
  • Feel like someone else is sitting at it when you try to use it

Haunted row house:

  • A little boy made of light runs up the stairs and disappears around the corner
  • Living children find themselves pushed down the stairs
  • Little boy of light follows you to your new house

Haunted tv:

  • Same episode that one show every time you catch it but no one else has ever seen that one
  • Everything’s gone digital but that old tv still picks everything up fine
  • No betamax, vcr, or dvd player has escaped unscathed

Haunted campground:

  • Children stand around your tent at night
  • Paths change
  • By the old school where the children play on the hill

Haunted library:

  • Books rearrange to spell ‘HELP’
  • You’re not supposed to take out that book
  • Constant scratching from under the bookcase that goes down to the floor

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