Ghost Stories

Ghost stories. I love them. And in Autumn 2017, I tried my hand at writing them. Here are my 7 tales.

Anih and the Ship

  • When Anih finds a sunken ship during a survey, she decides she’ll be the first to explore it.

Racing the Clock

  • Rapid Gal has an appointment to make. She promised her girlfriend and this time she won’t be late.

Plan A, Plan B, Plan C

  • Cats. The cause of (some) and solution to (some of) life’s problems.

Darting Through the Sunbeams

  • It was once the king of its domain. Now it has time to rest.

The Dog That Dug Up Its Own Past

  • There’s a dog digging up holes in everyone’s yard. Tempest is On It.

The Three Trials of Eleni

  • Be mindful of who’s listening when you say your worries to the wind.

Heart As Light As Snow

  • Usra is a witch, which means she solves problems.Someone or something is murdering people near her home which is a problem.

In The Woods There Was A Cottage

  • Ana dreams of cold water now.┬áTag: Ghost of a Grandmother & Small Runaway Child Who Hides In Her Abandoned Cottage

Sunken Water

  • Rivers have souls. Haven’t you ever watched one? They’re alive.

The Night Visitor of May 6th, 1978

  • For the tag ‘the littlest bedsheet ghost on his first haunting’ – a carpenter finds a diary hidden away in a wall, recalling a strange night decades ago.

The Treasure of Captain Bloodeye

  • They say that if you follow the Moon past Skull Island, and don’t lose your way in the in the twists and turns of the reef, you’ll find yourself at Captain Bloodeye’s last resting place… and his treasure. But beware! He took hundreds of lives in life. And in death? He’d hardly be the type to let that get in the way of protecting what’s his.

Hop Skip Jump

  • A new life is just a hyperjump away! Wait, one more. And another. They’re catching up!

The Legend of the Pigdog

  • The Pigdog has hunted campers for longer than Aya has been alive. At least, that’s what they tell her.

(Notes: The Pigdog is a real legend at least one YMCA camp told their campers. Those are real songs. The peanut song ends in death, at least how I was told it.)

The Sea’s Dead

  • A perfectly preserved wreck does not lead to any joy for Lettie.

Pop Goes Jack

  • A short story about toys, children, and how it doesn’t end well when you completely dismiss both.

I lived alone with my daughter in a house which was far too large for us, but had the advantage of being inherited from my parents. I worked hard to maintain it and expected my daughter to do what she could to make raising her simpler. She was a quiet girl, her most obvious fault a tendency toward flights of fancy while I did my best to keep her anchored in reality.

At The Edge of the Old Forest was a Spirit

  • At the edge of the rainforest was a spirit, leading the replanting efforts to work in reverse in an attempt to delay contact. But they can’t stop planting and what remains of the forest, both living and dead, intends they finish the job. Keli wants to see the rainforest flourish again

Life is a highway, I want to ride it all night long

  • On a lonely stretch of road it’s a yearly event. (A story about the Phantom Passenger)

Haunted Places, Haunted Spaces

  • A compilation of 15 haunted locations and objects. Metafiction.

10 Haunted Drabbles

  • 10 very short ghost stories. The miracle that wasn’t, a mixtape with more than memories, a dangerous garden, and more in this collection.

10 More Haunted Drabbles

  • 10 more very short ghost stories. A woman gardens strange flowers. A girl deals with her mother’s match-making ghost. A tormented haunting is welcome. An unwelcome friend on a walk.

Fake It ‘Til You Make it

  • Madame Lareesia, aka Patricia ‘Patty’ Miller of Detroit, Michigan is not in the business of providing truthful fortunes to her customers. She provides a bespoke service of comfort and pat solutions. To her annoyance, her spectral playmate believes honesty is the best policy.

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